Turfwars is moving on up!



Top 25 Minnesota Blawgs Image

The one thing I learned in high school is that it’s easier to be a part of a crowd than to stand alone. For a while, I thought I might have been blawging into the wilderness. But, alas, my efforts have been rewarded. Turfwars has been named one of Minnesota’s Top 25 Blawgs by MSBA’s Legal News Digest and Practice Blawg. Here’s what the editors had to say about Turfwars:

Turf Wars caught our attention because blogger Rob Shainess’ posts offer compelling titles and lead paragraphs. It makes the reader want to read the posts which is a sign of a good blog. The posts are also entertaining.

OMG, did they say that my posts…about the law…are entertaining. I couldn’t really ask for a better compliment.

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