I founded Capstone Law on the principal that excellence and value are not mutually exclusive.

                                                                      -Rob Shainess

Large Firm Lawyer. Small Business Values.

Rob founded Capstone Law after practicing for seven years with one of Minnesota’s largest elite law firms. At Capstone Law, Rob delivers the skills of a large firm lawyer, with the value consciousness and bottom-line sensitivity of a small business owner.

My focus on delivering quality and value is not just a mantra. It’s a necessity. After all, I’m a small business owner.  My business is to satisfy my clients, 100% of the time, every time.

Tailor made. Not cookie-cutter.

Strategic planning is essential to litigation success. At the start of every case, Rob works closely with each client to develop a strategic plan that takes into account their goals, budget, and concerns. The plan serves as a road map for the overall litigation.

I have found that thoughtful planning at the beginning of each case not only leads to more effective advocacy, but also saves my clients’ time and money. My clients appreciate that the direction of their case is tailored to their goals, not to a cookie-cutter approach.

Value-Driven. No Wheel Spinning.

Rob offers a value-driven approach to litigation. He gives clients the critical information they need to evaluate tactical options from a business perspective. Rob lets his clients know of less costly tactics to achieve their goals.

I take a very targeted approach to litigation, focusing my energy and my clients’ resources on the tactics that are most likely to reap results.