A Construction Lawyer With Deep Industry Knowledge And Experience

Minnesota construction lawyer Rob Shainess has been representing contractors and property owners in all areas of Minnesota construction law for nearly two decades.

We handle the full gambit of construction law services:

Construction Contracts

Solid construction contracts are the best way to avoid disputes and ensure a smooth project. Our construction lawyers review, draft, and negotiate construction contracts for contractors and property owners.

Construction Disputes

Disputes can arise over issues such as contract interpretation, changes in scope, project delays, cost overruns, failure to meet specifications or quality standards, or non-payment. A construction lawyer can help parties understand their rights and obligations under the contract and negotiate a resolution or pursue legal action if necessary.

Mechanic’s Liens

Mechanic’s liens are legal claims against a property that can arise if a contractor, subcontractor, or supplier is not paid for their work or materials. We help parties navigate the complex legal requirements for filing or defending against mechanic’s liens.

Construction Defects

Disputes can arise over alleged defects or deficiencies in the work performed or materials used, such as faulty electrical wiring, leaky roofs, or inadequate insulation. We are construction lawyers who represent contractors and owners in cases involving design defects, construction defects, and building code violations. We handle claims arising under Minnesota’s home warranty laws.

Insurance Claims

Construction projects often involve multiple insurance policies covering various parties, such as liability insurance, builders’ risk insurance, and workers’ compensation insurance. Disputes can arise over coverage, exclusions, or claims handling. Our construction lawyers can help parties understand their insurance coverage and pursue or defend against insurance claims.

After years of working with owners, contractors, architects, and other construction professionals, we speak “construction” fluently. We’re not builders, but we’ve learned a thing or two about how things are built. We’re not architects, but we know how to read blueprints (a rare skill among lawyers).

Rob has enjoyed teaching and writing about Minnesota construction law topics.

  • Speaker, Contracting Musts: Top Contract Provisions For Custom Home Builders, Builders Association of the Twin Cities, 2016 and 2017
  • Speaker/Author, A Minnesota Mechanic’s Lien Primer, Builders Association of the Twin Cities, 2015
  • Speaker/Author, Responding To Construction Defect And Warranty Claims, Builders Association of the Twin Cities, 2015
  • Speaker, ConsensusDOCS Contracts-Overview and Use, National Association of Minority Contractors-Midwest Division, 2009

Rob Shainess has authored many articles on Minnesota construction law topics.

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