Minnesota Construction Defect Lawyer

Rob Shainess is a construction defect lawyer representing property owners, contractors, and material suppliers in construction defect and home warranty cases. Rob has handled cases from the simple to the complex and everything in between. While many cases have involved water intrusion and mold, others have involved complex engineering and electrical issues. Each case is given the attention to detail that it deserves.

Claim Evaluation

Whether Rob is prosecuting or defending a construction defect claim, each case starts with a thorough evaluation of the facts. Rob will work with his clients, and often with experts, to determine the nature and source of the defect.  Rob also works to determine when the defect was first discovered, which is critical information used to determine whether the claim falls within the applicable statute of limitations.

Expert Analysis

Construction defect claims often benefit from an expert evaluation. As a construction defect lawyer, Rob has longstanding relationships with forensic engineers and other construction experts whom he often relies on to evaluate the source or cause of the construction defect, and the best way to economically make repairs. The information provided by experts is often useful in identifying who is at fault. 

Claim Resolution

Construction defect claims are often resolved through a negotiated settlement. When that doesn’t work, Rob has ample experience litigating and arbitrating construction defect claims. Rob knows how to present the evidence, and his clients, in the best possible light.

Examples of Construction Defect Experience

Rob has handled many different types of construction defect claims. Here are just a few examples:

  • Representing a homeowner seeking remediation of major mechanical defects and for misrepresentations concerning the home. Rob’s client bought a $1.8 million home, only to learn later that it was riddled with major defects. Rob represented the homeowner in a suit against the builder and the builder’s realtor. Rob received a six-figure judgment for his client.
  • Defending contractors against defect claims. Rob has represented large and small contractors and subcontractors to resolve disputes about workmanship. Rob often engages with experts to determine whether a defect exists and which trade is responsible. From there, Rob advocates for his client to resolve the issue, either through negotiation or litigation.  
  • Representing homeowners seeking remediation of water intrusion and construction defects. Rob has represented many clients whose homes have suffered from severe water intrusion and other construction defects.  Rob has successfully advocated for them in court and arbitration to recover money to remediate the damage to their home.
  • Defending a material supplier against construction defect and water intrusion claims. Rob defended a name-brand window manufacturer against claims that its windows contributed to water intrusion.

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