Construction Contract Lawyer

Capstone Law’s construction contract lawyers have significant experience reviewing, drafting, and negotiating contracts for all types of construction projects. We have prepared construction contracts for large commercial builders, custom home builders, and property owners. We take pride in working with clients to develop highly customized construction contracts that fit the specific needs of the parties and projects.

Representative contract drafting experience:

  • Drafting construction contracts for custom home builders and remodelers. Rob Shainess has prepared highly customized construction contracts for Minnesota custom home builders and remodelers. The contracts take into account the particulars of how each builder conducts their business, finances their projects, handles receipt of payments, change orders, and other aspects of the projects.
  • Reviewing and drafting construction contracts for property owners. Rob Shainess has reviewed and drafted construction contracts for owners who are preparing to undertake significant construction projects. Rob uses the drafting process as an opportunity to educate his clients about the nuances of construction law.

Rob frequently writes and teaches courses about best practices when preparing Minnesota construction contracts

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Minnesota Construction Contract: What You Need To Know


Both property owners and contractors should invest in a quality construction contract before work commences. This article details some of the most important provisions that are typically found in a Minnesota construction contract.

Minnesota Contractors Must Promptly Pay Subcontractors

Minnesota’s Prompt Payment Act Minnesota’s prompt payment act provides that all construction contracts are deemed to require a prime contractor and all subcontractors to promptly pay their subcontractors and material suppliers within ten days of receipt of payment for undisputed services Penalties under Minnesota’s Prompt Payment Act A contractor or subcontractor who receives payment but…