A Real Estate Litigation Attorney Who Knows How To Resolve Property Disputes

When you want to resolve a dispute about Minnesota real estate, you should turn to a trial lawyer with extensive knowledge about Minnesota real estate law. Most real estate lawyers don’t regularly handle litigation, while most trial lawyers rarely tackle cases about real estate. Rob Shainess is a real estate litigation attorney who has been resolving real estate disputes, either by negotiation or litigation, for nearly two decades. 

Rob frequently helps to resolve real estate disputes involving:

Rob has taught courses about real estate disputes and construction law, including:

  • Author, “Joint Ownership Agreements-Protecting Unmarried Couples From the Inequities of Minnesota Law”, Attorney At Law Magazine, 2016;
  • Speaker/Author, “Who Owns It?” The Most Common Claims When Ownership or Use of Property Is In Question, Minnesota CLE, 2011;
  • Speaker, “ConsensDOCS Contracts – Overview and Use” , National Association Of Minority Contractors – Midwest Division, 2009;
  • Speaker, Top Contract Provisions for Subcontractors, National Association Of Minority Contractors – Midwest Division, 2008;
  • Speaker, Basics of Residential Eviction Defense, Volunteer Lawyers Network, 2005.

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