Builders and material suppliers deserve to get paid for their work. The proper and timely filing of a mechanic’s lien is the best way to ensure payment.  But Minnesota’s mechanic’s lien statute is complex, and a mistake can cost you your lien rights.  That’s why it’s important to hire a lawyer who knows the mechanic’s lien laws, and has experience litigating mechanic’s lien claims.

Rob Shainess has successfully handled numerous mechanic’s lien cases.  Rob has the knowledge and experience to help you recover your hard-earned money.

If you need to record or foreclose a mechanic’s lien, call Rob for a free consultation.

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Mechanic’s Lien Deadlines

In Minnesota, there are several important mechanic’s lien deadlines that must be followed in order to properly claim and enforce a mechanic’s lien. These deadlines are set forth in the state’s lien statutes, and they vary depending on the specific circumstances of the lien claim. Here are some key deadlines to keep in mind: Pre-Lien…

How To Avoid Minnesota Mechanic’s Liens

Property owners should take steps to avoid Minnesota mechanic’s liens against their property. A prudent homeowner can avoid liens by paying subcontractors directly, withholding payment where allowed by law, and requiring general contractors to provide information. Pay Subcontractors Directly to Avoid Minnesota Mechanic’s Liens The mechanic’s lien statute has certain provisions that protect owners against…

Minnesota Mechanic’s Lien Statements

A mechanic’s lien statement is a legal document used by contractors to claim a lien against property in Minnesota. What A Mechanic’s Lien Statement Must Include: A contractor must include the following information in a mechanic’s lien statement: A statement that the contractor intends to claim and hold a lien, along with the amount it…