Rob Shainess is a real estate fraud attorney representing Minnesota property owners in real estate fraud cases.  Real estate fraud cases are complex, requiring an extensive knowledge of the laws governing fraud, evidence, and real estate.  Rob has handled cases involving forged signatures and fraudulently recorded mortgages. Rob works with leading title experts and forensic handwriting experts to detect fraud. Rob has considerable experience handling fraud cases, and he puts that experience to use for his clients.

If you are the victim of real estate fraud, call an experienced real estate fraud attorney as soon as possible. Fraud cases depend heavily on the quality of the evidence. Rob Shainess can tell you how best to preserve important evidence, including signature samples and electronic records.

Rob’s representative real estate fraud experience:

  • Protecting a property owner against a forged deed. Rob worked with a leading forensic handwriting expert to determine that a deed was forged.  He then brought a claim in court to invalidate the deed and for damages caused by the forgery.
  • Protecting a residential property owner against a fraudulent residential mortgage. Rob successfully represented a Minnesota property owner in court to invalidate a mortgage that was fraudulently recorded.  In addition to invalidating the mortgage, he won damages and attorneys’ fees for his client.

Rob has also written articles about resolving real estate fraud claims in Minnesota. See “Real Estate Fraud and Forgery” and “What Must A Minnesota Seller Disclose About Real Estate?”.

Call Rob today for a free consultation about your real estate fraud case.