Sometimes a purchase agreement, lease, or partnership agreement will require that property be bought or sold based on the “market value.” Rob Shainess has experience representing property owners to resolve disputes about the value of property. When handling valuation cases, Rob works closely with expert appraisers to determine the property’s true value, and to present the appraiser’s opinion in court or arbitration.

Rob’s representative valuation dispute experience:

  • Representing a commercial landlord in a dispute over the value of rental property. Rob represented a property owner in an arbitration to prove the amount of rent that the tenant owed under a “fair market value” provision in the lease.
  • Negotiating to resolve a dispute over the value of downtown condos. Rob represented a group of downtown Minneapolis condo owners in a dispute over a buyer’s obligation to pay “fair market value.” Rob convinced the buyer that it was obligated to pay the value assigned by the appraiser.
  • Proving that a skyway didn’t increase the the value of a local hotel.  When a city tried to stick a local hotel with the bill for a skyway to the Mall of America, Rob took the city to trial and won. Rob proved that the skyway connection didn’t enhance the value of the hotel’s property.

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