A Minnesota Seller Disclosure Lawyer

Capstone Law handles Minnesota seller disclosure claims. Sellers and real estate agents both have a legal duty to disclose to buyers what they know about a home. When a buyer learns things about a home that should have been disclosed, they have the right to bring a claim against the seller.

Capstone Law represents both buyers and sellers in Minnesota seller disclosure claims.

Evaluating Seller Disclosure Claims

When handling a Minnesota seller disclosure claim, it’s crucial to begin by thoroughly evaluating the facts. This involves gathering information about the property’s history, previous disclosures, and any inspections conducted prior to the closing. Additionally, we carefully review the purchase agreement to ensure that the disclosure obligation was not waived. It’s also important to consider what the seller has been informed of by neighbors or previous contractors.

Expert Analysis of Disclosure Claims

Minnesota seller disclosure claims often benefit from an expert evaluation. We have established longstanding relationships with forensic engineers and other experts who can assess the underlying causes of undisclosed issues with the home and determine the most appropriate course of action to rectify them. Demonstrating the cost of repairs is a crucial aspect of proving the buyer’s damages.

Homebuyers also benefit from expert appraisal services. Buyers have the right to recover the difference in the home’s value with and without the undisclosed defect. An appraiser can assist in determining this value difference accurately.

Resolving Seller Disclosure Claims

Many Minnesota seller disclosure claims are successfully resolved through negotiated settlements. However, if a settlement cannot be reached, Capstone Law is fully prepared to litigate or arbitrate the claim to secure the necessary damages for fixing the home.

Minnesota Real Estate Disclosure Experience

  • Representing homeowners for undisclosed water intrusion. Every spring, Capstone Law receives calls from homebuyers about water intruding into their homes. Capstone Law has represented many homebuyers to recover for a seller’s failure to disclose a history of water intrusion.
  • Representing homeowners against real estate agents for failing to make disclosures. Capstone Law represents homeowners against real estate agents who fail to disclose problems that they know about a home.
  • Representing sellers to defend against false allegations of non-disclosure. Capstone Law has represented sellers who were wrongly accused of failing to make disclosures about their homes.

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